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Born and raised in Brazil and currently working in Lisbon, Portugal. "The universe represented in my works is the one I feel most connected with; the inspiration comes from the surroundings, but especially from the way of interacting with materials and improvising with gestures. The working process for me doesn't start with any clear idea, but with the feelings I pass through." Academic education: 2020 - Degree in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, PT. 2015 - Degree in Plastic Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, São Paulo, BR. 2014 - Drawing, Oil Painting, Tempera and Engraving Course at the Ouro Preto Art Foundation, BR. 2012/2014 - Bachelor of Visual Arts, Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, São Paulo, BR. 2012 - Street Art Course, Faculty of Fine Arts, São Paulo, BR. 2011 - Woodcut course, Museu Lasar Segall, São Paulo, BR. Solo Exhibitions: 2019 - Pintu Exhibition, Galeria AE da FBAUL, Lisbon, PT 2019 - Vinho for Free, Galeria AE da FBAUL, Lisbon, PT Collective Exhibitions: 2019 - Ludofolia, Centro Cultural da Malaposta, Lisbon, PT 2019 - Prima Vera, Galeria Ato Abstrato, Lisbon, PT 2018 - Verão Danado, IPDJ, Faro, PT 2018 - GAB-A, FBAUL, Lisbon PT 2017 - Pequenos Formatos, Galeria Monumental, Lisbon, PT 2017 - GAB-A, FBAUL, Lisbon PT 2016 - Young Minds Matter, Anjos70, Lisbon, PT 2016 - 227, Cascais Cultural Center, PT 2015 - 1st edition Paula Rego Prize, Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, Cascais, PT 2014 - Collective exhibition, FAOP, Ouro Preto, Minas Geraias, BR 2012 - Visual Transposition, Memorial da América Latina, São Paulo, BR

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