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Eduarda Rosa, Pollyanna Freire, Rita Thomaz


21 de fev. de 2019


30 de mar. de 209

[...] A collector has the power to draw a magic circle around each object that he recognizes as being from his collection, building himself outside himself and making himself represented by pieces that have no meaning except in that one order, arbitrary for any of us, but strict for itself. A new piece in the set is the missing piece that came to your collector at the right time, becoming part of an always incomplete treasure. The collector has the ability to renew, making each object reborn and updating itself as he updates his collection. This strange and almost mystical reasoning may seem like a child's play, but collectors and children play seriously, bringing to life “dead objects”. These serious games open up possibilities of thinking, since these objects were not created to perform the functions that will be designated by the collector. It is in an alternative, private, rigid and oriented world, where dead objects are transformed into objects rescued and free of their original functions, that the most serious matters are treated and worked on. Eduarda Rosa, Pollyanna Freire and Rita Thomaz are united by this serious, consistent and rigorous approach. Each object collected, constructed, painted or pressed is implicitly a need, or at least will, to build an alternative world that is always a work to come, a work in progress like a collection. [...] It is not only through the collection that aimless objects are brought to life; it is also through all the modes of acquisition and construction of a certain thing - from touching the object to naming it, from painting it to removing a part, pressing it or pasting it elsewhere, in a close relationship between art it's life. With varying degrees of fun and awareness, each artist becomes the author of his grand project where to play is a serious matter.

Laura Sequeira Falé

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