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25 de jun. de 2020


31 de dez. de 2020

We have challenged ourselves to break the epochal and stylistic barriers, focusing on the intrinsic beauty of each of the pieces presented and looking to create a scenario of tranquility in which art is the vital and recreational element, creating amongst us a constant source of inspiration. Each pick is the result of a fine line of passion, holding us inescapably to the chosen object, which at times is a fruitful and unexpected encounter and in others a result of a long and persistent search. In this ephemeral architecture, we have aimed to recreate our universe, our passion for form, design, material and for the relations that establish between a piece and its surroundings. The selection of each piece, the search for its place, the readings provided by different angles, the various possible lightings, the dialogues established in-between the objects, the hunt for the final coherent composition, all of this composes our intimacy, constituting an integral part of what we call well-being.

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