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OFFICE DESK, c. 1958

José Cruz de Carvalho (1930-2015), Portugal

Altamira, Class III design

Oak and Walnut wood, gilded brass handles


Observations: very well preserved, structurally. No signs of woodworm. Minor signs of wear on the tabletop, with two small restoration works (about 1cm2). Brass handles present minimal oxidation marks.

Organically shaped desk with a rectangular tabletop, made of oak and walnut wood. Connected to the left-side table legs, a drawer block embellished by polished gilded brass handles stands out, including a reverse compartment.

Cruz de Carvalho created the Altamira furniture brand in 1957, followed by the inauguration of Interforma a decade later, achieving national and international recognition in design production. He applied a new artistic philosophy to Furniture Design with the main purpose of reshaping the furniture industry.

The designer created three categories of Furniture designs: utilitarian (class I), medium (class II) and luxury (class III). Class III designs were characterized by the use of elaborate shapes and noble materials, categorizing this desk as a luxury design piece.

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