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VARÈSE, c. 1975

Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979) / Atelier Pinton, France, 1975 or before.

Artcurial limited edition of 100.

Artist’s monogram (SD)

Hand-tufted wool tapestry/rug (tufttée), H220xL150 cm

Observations: In very good condition. Slight yellowing in white wool, and overall minimal signs of wear in both the upper and lower right corners of the tapestry (inferior to 1cm2). Editor’s label detachment (glue marks indicated in inferior right corner).

Titled Varèse after Edgar Varèse (Paris, 1883- New York, 1965), this tapestry refers directly to the invention of simultanism in Music, founded by the cited composer, who bounded with visual artists of the early 20th century art movements.

At the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Kandinsky-Archives preserve correspondence proving the friendship between Varèse and the Delaunay couple, who concurrently developed simultanism in plastic arts.

This particular piece is a remarkable example of Delaunay’s simultanism, showing how some colors might seem like a different color when juxtaposed and revealing through the use of contrasting and discordant palettes how these combinations of colors create an impression of movement.

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