Set of Brasilian club war, from Rio Branco native indians, Brazil

17th, 18th and 19th centuries

For a similar example see “Memory of the Amazon” Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira Philosophical Journey 1783-1792


Square club
Red wood (iron stick?)
First quarter of the 19th century or earlier
Provenance: French Collection
37,0cm (H) x 7,4cm (W) x 4,5cm (D)
Obs.: Incised decoration representing anthropomorphic figure and geometric motifs. Wrapping of vegetable fibers in the handle. Marks and flaws.

Square club with stone setting

Red wood (iron stick?) and stone

19th century

Provenance: French Collection

42,5cm (H) x 10,5cm (W) x 4,5cm (D)

Obs.: Small marks and flaws.