Set of Brasilian club war

Set of Brasilian club war, from Rio Branco native indians, Brazil 17th, 18th and 19th centuries For a similar example see “Memory of the Amazon” Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira Philosophical Journey 1783-1792 Square club Red wood (iron stick?) First quarter of the 19th century or earlier Provenance: French Collection 37,0cm (H) x 7,4cm (W) x 4,5cm (D) Obs.: Incised decoration representing anthropomorphic figure and geometric motifs. Wrapping of vegetable fibers in the handle. Marks and flaws. ​ Square club with stone setting Red wood (iron stick?) and stone 19th century Provenance: French Collection 42,5cm (H) x 10,5cm (W) x 4,5cm (D) Obs.: Small marks and flaws.