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Fernando Roussado


4 de set. de 2019


27 de set. de 2019

Nuca is the term used to designate the area of ​​the neck where the connection between the first cervical vertebra and the skull is found. The name of this first vertebra - Atlas - is also the name of a Titan from Greek mythology who was coerced by Zeus to carry the sky. Anatomy terminologists have developed an analogy between the titan and this bone - both support the weight: of ideas, of the mind. There is a series of connections in the word Nuca that lead us to the sense of what is only known for its effect, which belongs to the order of the invisible or which is removed from our sight. Nuca is a place usually forgotten: it concerns the back and not the front; it is in direct opposition to the eyes. It has a burglar's grave. The shot in the back of the head is an inexorable shot. Exposed, the back of our neck belongs to the other, it is collective, as well as individual.

The works presented here gave rise to the title of this exhibition - Nuca. These are works developed alongside my PhD research on the importance of the cut in thought.

Fernando Roussado

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